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Thrive in business and life

We all know, the juggle can be more challenging than the hustle. Freshmes is The Women’s Platform helping all humankind master the juggle between work and life. The platform allows members to create their brand, connect with one another, promote their business, and make money all in one place!  So what are you waiting for? Join Freshmes today!


How it Works

STEP 01:

Build your Brand

Get a beautifully designed brand page when you sign up. This powerful web page is perfect for organizations, business owners or anyone with a “side hustle” or hobby, who want to grow to the next level. Our setup wizard makes it super easy to personalize your page because we know you don’t have time. Simply enter your profile information, upload your photos and watch your page automagically build itself.

Sample Brand Page (hover to see full image)

STEP 02:

Connect your Community

Unlock the power of your new brand page and use it to connect with like-minded members like yourself. Grow your circle, build your network, increase your reach, engage in uplifting moments, share your insights and experiences, and make business connections! So many possibilities are in store when you are willing to give the best of yourself to the community. Grow your community!

STEP 03:

Promote Yourself

Now that your brand page is connected to the community, promote yourself! We’ve carefully crafted many marketing opportunities and programs to help expose your brand to the community. Be daring, be bold and let others know they can grow with you. At the end of the day, you are your best ambassador. Use this platform to the max and grow.

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Our Platform

We’ve brought together the best minds in marketing and technology to help you seize every day with beauty and grace

Dynamic Community Engine

Built with advanced community tools to make growing your community effortless

Marketing Optimization

We’ve made creating, curating and consuming content easy and intuitive

Modern Design Practices

From modern user-experience and design, we’ve crafted beautiful brand pages to elevate your image

Intelligent Technology

Powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence will be infused into the platform to help you do more

Data Decisions

Data will help guide your decisions, connect you with relevant members, content and potential customers

Curated Content

Forget content overload. We’ll bring you the latest and greatest content to keep you sharp and nimble.

Answers to Your Questions

What does Freshmes mean?

Funny you ask. Freshmes is what we are —a constant work in progress caught between two worlds trying to make it all work with the limited time we’ve been granted. Freshmes is our license to own everything that makes us human. So go ahead and wear it as a badge of honor and slay the guilt of expectations, and join The Women’s Platform for all humankind.

Do you offer free membership?

Absolutely, for 14 days! We’re a premium platform with a core mission of empowering all members with a beautiful all-in-one platform that makes branding and marketing ridiculously easy! So go ahead and take it for a spin, risk free! We’re confident you’ll fall in love and appreciate how you’ll be able to master your juggle.

Do you offer premium subscriptions?

But of course! If you’re serious about your success we provide all of our members with paid subscriptions that unlock additional features with advanced marketing and technology tools to help you scale. You can start with any subscription and easily transition between subscriptions at any time.

Can the platform support large organizations?

Totally! We have architected Freshmes for enterprise scale and to make growing and managing your organization or global brand super easy. We’ll continue to build additional features throughout the year to empower your experience with elegant simplicity and future-proof technology. We have an exciting roadmap, so make sure you get in early and help us craft the future!

Can I connect with members?

Yes, but we take it to another level. You’ll not only be able to connect with members, but you’ll also be able to build your own network within the Freshmes community. That’s right, you’ll be able to poach our members to grow your business, organization or your dream. Build authentic, honest relationships with members who are aligned around a pure mission; to lift each other up to thrive.

What’s your deal with data?

We have no deal because we will not sell your data. We believe in protecting your privacy and giving you what you signed up for. We’ll always be guided by our mission to help you master the juggle, and only share data with our highly vetted partners to help us carry out our mission for your benefit. We’ll make every effort to make our privacy policy transparent and easy to understand to ensure there is no confusion.


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